Growth opportunities for Chile

Santiago de Chile : Editorial Universitaria : 2014.
Descripción: 449 páginas : gráficos ; 23 cm.

ISBN: 9789561124356

Growth opportunities for Chile : an overview Vittorio Corbo & Ricardo González

Why is Latin American poor? Daron Acemoglu

Productivity and economic growth in Chile Vittorio Corbo & Ricardo González

Microeconomic policies and productivity : an exploration into Chile's electricity sector Alexander Galetovic, Cristián Hernández, Cristián Muñoz & Luz Marí­a Neira

Productivity, misallocation and the labor market Alejandro Micco & Andrea Repetto

Finance, productivity and growth : does it work for Chile? Fernando Dí­az, Fernando Lefort & Marco Morales

Education and productivity : some new evidence and implications for Chile Harald Beyer & Francisco Gallego

What impedes Chile's catching up with the United States? J. Rodrigo Fuentes & Verónica Mies

The political economy of distribution and growth in Chile Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

An institution for stimulating productivity and public participation in Chile Ricardo González.

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