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Plural diplomacies : normative predicaments and functional imperatives

Leiden : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2013.
Descripción: xi, 263 páginas ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 9789004233812

In "Plural Diplomacies: Normative Predicaments and Functional Imperatives" Noé Cornago asserts the need to restore the long-interrupted continuity between the relevance of diplomacy as raison de systeme - in a world which is much more than a world of States - and its unique value as a way to mediate the many alienations experienced by individuals and social groups. The book contends that an incursion beyond conventional understanding of diplomatic studies, into fields of knowledge such as social studies of science, psychology, critical sociology of law, or conceptual history, offers expanded potential within the field by addressing the modern complexities of global life. With particular attention to the semantics of diplomacy, pluralization of diplomacy, diplomacy within states, commodity diplomacy, and finally, antidiplomacy, 'Plural Diplomacies: Normative Predicaments and Functional Imperatives' offers a new vision of diplomacy for the twenty-first century.


Meanings of diplomacy


Diplomacy within States?

Commodity diplomacy


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