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Routledge handbook of political corruption Edited by Paul M. Heywood.

New York : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2015.
Descripción: xiii, 366 páginas : ilustraciones, mapas ; 26 cm.

ISBN: 9780415617789

Introduction: scale and focus in the study of corruption Paul M. Heywood

Understanding corruption. The definition of political corruption Mark Philp. Definitions of corruption Oskar Kurer. The meaning of corruption in democracies Mark E. Warren. The contradictions of corruption in Nigeria Daniel Jordan Smith. Criminal enterpreneurship: a political economy of corruption and organised crime in India Andrew Sanchez

Causes. Causes of corruption Bo Rothstein and Jan Teorrell. What does cross-national empirical research reveal about the causes of corruption? Daniel Triesman. Bureaucracy and corruption Carl Dahlström. Sources of corruption in the European Union Carolyn Warner

Measurment. Measuring corruption Paul M. Heywood. The silence of corruption: identifying underreporting of business corruption through randomized response techniques Nathan Jensen and Aminur Rahman. Corruption and the problem of perception Jonathan Rose. The ethnographic study of corruption: methodology and research focuses Davide Torsello

Consequences. The consequences of corruption Eric Uslaner. Corruption in Latin America: A View from the AmericasBarometer Mitchell A. Seligson and Brian M. Faughnan. Corruption and development: the mutable edges of morality in modern markets Sarah Bracking. Institutional design and anti-corruption in mainland China Melanie Manion. The political economy of conflicts of interest in an era of public-private governance Staffan Andersson and Frank Anechiarico

New directions. Reflection and reassessment: the emerging agenda of corruption research Michael Johnston. Gender and corruption Lena Wängnerud. Behavioral and institutional economics as an inspiration to anticorruption: some counterintuitive findings Johann Graf Lambsdorff. Religion, ethics and corruption: field evidence from India and Nigeria Heather Marquette. The threats to sports and sports governance from betting-related corruption: causes and solutions David Forrest and Wolfgang Maennig. Freedom of information and corruption Ben Worthy and Tom Mclean.

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