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Principles of health care ethics

England : John Wiley & Sons, 2007.
Descripción: xxiv, 838 páginas : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.

ISBN: 9780470027134

The 'four principles' approach to health care ethics Tom L. Beauchamp

Theories of autonomy Natalie Stoljar

Beneficence Garrett Cullity

Responsibilities for poverty-related ill health Thomas Pogge

Liberalism and communitarianism Colin Tyler

How many principles for bioethics? Robert M. Veatch

Casuistical reasoning in medical ethics Albert R. Jonsen

Utilitarianism and bioethics Matti Hí¤yry

Deontology David A. McNaughton and J. Piers Rawling

Kantian ethics Onora O'Neill

Feminist approaches to health care ethics Susan Sherwin

Virtue theory Justin Oakley

Moral relativism Mark Sheehan

Christian approaches to bioethics Heather Widdows

Judaism and medicine: Jewish medical ethics Fred Rosner

The search for Islamic bioethics principles Abdulaziz Sachedina

Buddhist bioethics James Hughes

South Asian approaches to health care ethics Harold Coward

The specious idea of an Asian bioethics: beyond dichotomizing east and west Jing-Bao Nie

Narrative ethics Howard Brody

Empirical appoaches to health care ethics Jeremy Sugarman, Robert A. Pearlman, Holly A. Taylor

Medical sociology and the redundancy of empirical ethics Adam Hedgecoe

The use of thought experiments in health care ethics Adrian Walsh

Deliberative bioethics Michael Parker

Law, ethics and health care Sheila A. M. McLean

Medical humanities: an overview Martyn Evans

Reflective equilibrium as a method in health care ethics Theo van Willigenburg

Hermeneutic ethics between practice and theory Guy A. M. Widdershoven, Tineke A. Abma

Paternalism in health care and health policy James F. Childress

Need: an instrumental view Anthony J. Culyer

Rights James G. S. Wilson

Exploitation in health care Alan Wertheimer

Competence to consent Monique F. Jonas

The doctrine of double effect Suzanne Uniacke

Ordinary and extraordinary means Stephen D. John

Acts and omissions Tuija Takala

Personhood and moral status Ainsley J. Newson

Commodification Stephen Wilkinson

Consent and informed consent Neil C. Manson

Treatment decisions for incapacitated patients Rebecca S. Dresser

Children's consent to medical treatment David W. Archard

Patients and disclosure of surgical risk Justin Oakley

Confidentiality Rebecca Bennett

Truth telling, lying and the doctor-patient relationship Roger Higgs

Personal beliefs and patient care Jennifer Jackson

Conscience and health care ethics Piers Benn

Care in families Hilde Lindermann

The ethics of primary health care Annettee J. Braunack-Mayer

The nurse-patient relationship: a 'principles plus care' account Steven D. Edwards

Dual responsibilities: do they raise any different ethical issues from 'normal' therapeutic relationships? Ann Sommerville and Veronica English

Violent and abusive patients: an ethically informed response G. M. Behr, J. S. Emmanuel, J. P. Ruddock

The moral significance of the human foetus Norman Ford

Will we need abortion in Utopia? Adrienne Asch

Maternal-foetal conflict Rosamund Scott

Limits to reproductive liberty Thomas H. Murray

Disability without denial Tom Sorell

Disability and equity: should difference be welcomed? Tom Shakespeare

Genetic counselling Angus Clarke

Ethics and psychotherapy: an issue of trust Tim Bond

Mental illness and compulsory treatment John R. McMillan

Personality disorders and compulsory detention Matt Matravers

Labia mea, domine: media, morality and eating disorders Simona Giordano

Intellectual disability Pekka Louhiala

Ethical issues and health care for older people Julian C. Hughes

Organs and tissues for transplantation and research David P. T. Price

Living donor organ transplantation Timothy M. Wilkinson

Euthanasia and principled health care ethics: from conflict to compromise? Richard Huxtable

Understanding and misunderstanding death David Lamb

Ethics without boundaries: medical tourism Guido Pennings

Ethics of performance enhancement in sport: drugs and gene doping Bennet Froddy, Julian Savulescu

Training good professionals: ethics and health care education Nafsika Athanassoulis

Ethics consultation and ethics committees Anne Slowther

The concepts of health and illness Lennart Y. Nordenfelt

Community in public health ethics Bruce Jennings

Health promotion, society and health care ethics Alan Cribb

Preventing disease Marcel Verweij

Quantitative methods for priority-setting in health: ethical issues Daniel Wikler, Dan W. Brock, Sarah Marchand, and Tessa Tan Torres

Economics, political philosophy and ethics: the role of public preferences in health care decision-making Jeff Richardson, John McKie

Decision analysis: the ethical approach to most health decision making Jack Dowie

Health inequities and the social determinants of health Wendy Rogers

Organizational ethics in health care Jacob E. Kurlander, Marion Danis

Ethical issues in epidemiology Steven S. Coughlin

Screening: ethical aspects Niklas Juth, Christian Munthe

Vaccination ethics Angus Dawson

The patient as victim and vector: bioethics and the challenge of infectious diseases Margaret P. Battin, Linda S. Carr-Lee, Leslie P. Francis, Jay A. Jacobson, Charles B. Smith

Bioterrorism, society and health care ethics Michael J. Selgelid

Drug addiction, society and ethics Wayne Hall, Adrian Carter

Smoking: is acceptance of the risks fully voluntary? Robert E. Goodin

Doctors and human rights Doris Schroeder

Duties to refugees and asylum seekers in host countries' medical systems Pascale Allotey, Hilary Pickles, Vanessa Johnston

Medical aid in disaster relief Soren Holm

The ethics and governance of medical research Richard E. Ashcroft

On the ethics of animal research David DeGrazia

The ethical requirement for systematic reviews for randomized trials Mike Clarke

Informed consent for research James Flory, David Wendler and Ezekiel Emanuel

Evaluating benefits and harms in clinical research Paul B. Miller and Charles Weijer

Patients' obligations? Simon Woods

Standard of care owed to participants in clinical trials: different standards in different countries? Reidar K. Lie

Justice and priority setting in international health care research Solomon R. Benatar

Obligations of the pharmaceutical industry Udo Schuklenk and Jim Gallagher

Ethics and medical publishing Richard Smith and Iain Chalmers

Human reproductive cloning D. Gareth Jones and Kerry A. Galvin

Obtaining human eggs for stem cell research: ethical issues Heather Draper

The ethics of xenotransplantation Jonathan Hughes

Pharmacogenomics Ruth Chadwick

Ethical issues in human gene transfer: a historical overview Eric T. Juengst and Hannah Grankvist

The ethics of ageing, immortality and genetics Daniela Cutas and John Harris

Ethical issues of enhancement technologies Ruud H. T. Ter Meulen, Lisbeth Nielsen, Laurens Landeweerd

Psychosurgery and neuroimplantation: changing what is deep within a person Grant Gillett

Resisting addiction: novel application of vaccines Andreas Hasman.

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