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Tailings 2013 : First International Seminar on Tailings Management

Santiago de Chile : Gecamin, 2013.
Descripción: xxix, 152 páginas ; 22 cm.

ISBN: 9789568504892

Plenary presentations: Strategies for improving tailings management Andy Fourie. Experience with the thickening and discharge of high-density tailings: Minera Esperanza Sergio Gaete and Felipe Bello. Education and capacity building in mine waste management Dirk van Zyl. Chilean tailings flumes: old and recent advances in research Ramón Fuentes

Thickening: Designing minas Conga's tailings thickener plant Chad Loan and Travis Orser. On-line measurement of rheological parameters for feedback control of thickeners Alex van der Spek and Robert Maron. Tailor-made tailing recovery using nozzle disc stack centrifuges and decanter centrifuges Tore Hartmann. How flocculant selection can influence solids dilution requirements in thickener feedwells Michel Tanguay, Phillip Fawell, Alton Grabsch and Stephen Adkins

Site-Geotechnics: Construction of a cut-off wall for existing tailings in warm permafrost in Alaska Franz-Werner Gerressen and Brian Wilson. Engineering challenges for Tailings Management Facilities in permafrost regions John Kurylo, Maritz Rykaart and Lowell Wade. Recent experiences on TTD thickened tailings in Chile Ricardo Valdebenito and Luis Paredes. Handling uncertainty in tailings planning Carlo Cooper and Miguel Palape

Geotechnics: The PANDA technology applied to design and operation of tailings dams Raúl Espinace, Gabriel Villavicencio and Luis Lemus. Deformation modulus and compressibility of tailing sands under high pressure José Campaña and Edgar Bard. Selection of laboratory testing at different stages of TSF design Gordan Gjerapic, James Johnson and Brent Bronson. Variably saturated flow in filtered tailings Marí­a-Fernanda Hernández, Jim McCord, Brett Byler and Jodi Clark. Centrifuge modeling of the consolidation evolution of fine-grained mine tailings Nonika Antonaki, Inthuorn Sasanakul, Tarek Abdoun, Maria Sanin, Humberto Puebla and Javier Ubilla. Modeling field-scale multi-dimensional tailings consolidation Murray Fredlund, HaiHua Lu, Michael Shelbourn and Johnny Zhan

Water: Water balance in tailings: discussion on approaches Sergio Barrera and Marcos Pinto. Sea water supply: impact on tailings management Sergio Barrera. Dewatered tailings: simultaneous disposal to surface storage and mined stopes José Luis Lara, Emmanuel Pornillos and Leo Lahti. Deliquoring and washing of red mud with a horizontal membrane filter press Antti Hí¤kkinen, Mikko Huhtanen, Teemu Kinnarinen, Riina Salmimies, Trevor Sparks and Bjarne Ekberg. Use of geochemical tracers for water management of a mine tailing in Catamarca, Argentina Gabriel López Vazques, Paolo Bevacqua and Ramón Aravena

Tailings transport: Production increases and tailings transport in flumes: challenges for optimizing their capacity Vanessa Veloso, Javiera Ortiz and Patricio Chacón. Open channel design for tailings slurry material Paul Slatter. Integrated risk analysis for solids hydraulic transportation systems in the mining industry Lenie Gajardo, Hernán Aravena, Rodrigo Aranda, Alexandra Belaúnde and Rodrigo Sandoval. Tools for hydraulic design of high density tailings pipeline Carlos Pérez and Jorge Riquelme

Design: General criteria for selection of tailings deposition methods according to site conditions Alvaro Veizaga and Raúl Feliu. Challenge in large flow of tailings management Juan Rayo. Tailings management planning Marco Barrientos and Andrea López

Case history: Tailings beach characterization at the Flin Flon tailings impoundment system Brad Russell, Damian McClarty, Steven Richards and Riley Little. Stewardship of Carmen de Andacollo tailings dam Carlos Espinoza, Pablo Galdeano and Marcelo Mussé. Outsourcing of tailings operations: a successful case Luis Valenzuela, Raimundo Alemparte and Ricardo Nicolau. Design of a novel tailings storage facility at Molycorps Mountain Pass California rare earth mine Benjamin Schmidt, Rick Kiel, Gordan Gjerapic, James Johnson, Scott Honan and Brock OKelley. Expansion alternatives in tailings pond "Huaylla Khara" Manuel Bravo

Rheology: Assessment of dewatering and rewetting characteristics of copper tailings from laboratory column test Karem de la Hoz, Fernando Junqueira, Jaime Marin and Troy Jones. Pipe loop tests: Successful experience in Chile Lars Martinson, Ray Martinson and Robert Cooke. Effect of the fine material content on copper tailings yield stress Pamela Garrido and Nestor Rojas. Pilot tests on tailings thickening, transport and deposition: objective, experience obtained and design recommendations Marco Becerra, Victor Cisternas, Sergio Barrera and Gordon McPhail. Discussion on the influence of mineralogy on the rheology of tailings slurries Gordon McPhail, Marco Becerra and Sergio Barrera

Closure: Generic decision-making on the retreatment of copper tailings dams Xinyi Wang and John Meech. Remediation of environmental impact of acidic dams of mines through membrane process Renato Ramos, Osmar Cunha, Fabio Rodrigues, Walter Scassiotti-Filho and Mauricio Ribeiro

Alternative topics: Tailings demostration plants: aiming for thickened tailings operation Jerónimo Covacevich, Jorge Riquelme and Raúl Feliu. Tailings treatment status in Chile during the last decades Danilo Muñoz and Marcial Mendoza. In-pit tailings disposal: a feasible and environmentally-friendly alternative Rodrigo Araya, Tirso López and Enrique Garcés. The application of a remotely-operated hydrographic survey boat for tailings facility bathymetry Adrian McDonald. Innovative methods for the reduction or prevention of tailings seepage Jim Rouse.

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