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How can Technical Assistance support the implementation of UNCAC?

Noruega : U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, 2007.
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Challenges for technical assistance. Interdependence between cooperation for prevention and law enforcement. The complex web of donor country agendas. Recipient country realities to consider

Issues to consider with respect to technical assistance. Ensure that anti-corruption initiatives are in line with broader governance reforms. Develop a gradual implementation approach based on a strategic vision. Support national coordination mechanisms. Profile existing projects and conduct gap analyses. Build long-term institutional and human capacity. Conduct diagnostics and research for better policy making. Strengthen national monitoring and evaluation capacities. Induce commitment and action by a broader range of relevant actors. Educate about UNCAC, its usefulness and implications. Promote sector approaches - converge supply and demand for reform

Cooperation and coordination of development partners. Develop a shared, country-focused anti-corruption approach. Transparency of cooperation -promoting donor accountability. Transparency trust funds -collaborative financing. Long-term commitments to overcome the challenge of short government cycles. Support to the UNCAC Secretariat. Advocate for UNCAC implementation at home

Questions to consider for discussion. Strategic vision, gradual approach and linkage to governance reforms. Inter-institutional coordination and capacity building. International cooperation and coordination.

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