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Contesting citizenship in Latin America : the rise of ingenous movements and the postliberal challenge

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005.
Descripción: xxii, 365 páginas ; 24 cm

ISBN: 9780521534802

Theoretical framing : Questions, approaches, and cases

Citizenship regimes, the state, and ethnic cleavages

The argument: indigenous mobilization in Latin America

The cases : Ecuador: Latin America's strongest indigenous movement. The Ecuadorian Andes and ECUARUNARI. The Ecuadorian Amazon and CONFENAIE. Forming the National Confederation, CONAIE

Bolivia: strong regional movements. The Bolivian Andes: the Kataristas and their legacy. The Bolivian Amazon and CIDOB

Peru: weak national movements and subnational variation. Peru. Ecuador, and Bolivia: most similar cases. No national indigenous movement: explaining the Peruvian anomaly. Explaining subnational variation

Conclusion. Democracy and the postliberal challenge in Latin America.

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