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Social determinants of health

Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2011.
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ISBN: 9780198565895

1. Introduction Michael Marmot

2. Social organization, stress, and health Eric Brunner and Michael Marmot

3. Early life Michael Wadsworth and Suzie Butterworth

4. The life course, the social gradient, and health David Blane

5. Health and labour market disadvantage: unemployment, non-employment, and job insecurity Mel Bartley, Jane Ferrie, and Scott M. Montgomery

6. Health and the psychosocial environment at work Michael Marmot, Johannes Siegrist, and Tores Theorell

7. Transport and health Mark McCarthy

8. Social support and social cohesion Stephen A. Stansfeld

9. Food is a political issue Aileen Robertson, Eric Brunner, and Aubrey Sheiham

10. Poverty, social exclusion, and minorities Mary Shaw, Danny Dorling, and George Davey Smith

11. Social patterning of individual health behaviours: the case of cigarette smoking Martin J. Jarvis and Jane Wardle

12. The social determination of ethnic/racial inequalities in health James Y. Nazroo and David R. Williams

13. Social determinants of health in older age Anne McMunn, Elizabeth Breeze, Alissa Goodman, James Nazroo, and Zoe Oldfield

14. Neighbourhoods, housing, and health Mai Stafford and Mark McCarthy

15. Social determinants, sexual behaviour, and sexual health Anne M. Johnson, Catherine H. Mercer, and Jackie A. Cassell

16. Ourselves and others -for better or worse: social vulnerability and inequality Richard G. Wilkinson.

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