Multi-pillar pension systems : investing in the future

Santiago de Chile : International Federation of Pension Fund Administrators (FIAP) : 2016.
Descripción: 404 páginas ; 23 x 15 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9789567265756

Keynote presentation: Savings and investment decisions for a safe and reliable retirement Moshe Milevsky

Chapter 1. Multi-Pillar pension schemes: Trends within OECD nations Christian Daude

Strengthening multi-pillar pension systems in Latin America Rodrigo Acuña

Chiles integrated and complementary multi-pillar system Ricardo Paredes. Chapter 2. Improving pensions and reducing risk: The Role of Longevity Insurance in Latin America: Cases of Chile, Colombia, México y Perú Solange Berstein, Marco Morales, Alejandro Puente

Better pensions and less risk: The regulator view point Edgar Robles

The pension-fund sectors perspective on pension improvements and risk reductions Carlos Noriega. Chapter 3. Encouraging the pillar of voluntary pension saving: Voluntary pension savings: Helping the middle class achieve retirement income adequacy Renee Schaff

Reverse mortage (RM) as a 4th Pillar to complement the pension system Joseph Ramos. Chapter 4: Alternative investments as a mechanism for increasing profitability: Oportunities and risks of alternative investments Joaquín Cortez

Wind power: Pricipal characteristics and technical risks Sofia Lazcano

Challenges within infrastructure sector and the creation of a national infrastructure agency in Uruguay Alvaro García

CAF iniciatives involving infrastructure debt funds Victor Traverso

Chapter 5. Communication with members and financial education: Psychology of effective communication Samuel Grey Goldstein

Communication with fund participants and financial education: recents experiences Mario Bergara. Chapter 6. Financial integration within the Pacific Alliance: The case of pension funds: Pension funds and capital-market integration within Latin America Juan Pablo Cordoba

Pension-fund investment and portability of retirement savings accounts within the Pacific Alliance Augusto Iglesias. Chapter 7: The regulators perspective Tamara Agnic, Juan Carlos Alfaro, Carlos Ramírez Michel Canta.

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