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Data information literacy : librarians, data, and the education of a new generation of researchers

West Lafayette, Indiana : Purdue University Press, 2015.
Descripción: x, 271 páginas ; 26 x 18 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9781557536969

Introduction Jake Carlson and Lisa R. Johnston

Part 1. Making the case for data information literacy. 1. Determining Data Information Literacy Needs: A Study of Students and Research Faculty Jake Carlson, Michael Fosmire, C. C. Miller, Megan Sapp Nelson. 2. Developing the Data Information Literacy Project: Approach and Methodology Jake Carlson, Lisa R. Johnston, Brian Westra. 3. An Exploration of the Data Information Literacy Competencies: Findings From the Project Interviews Jake Carlson, Jon Jeffryes, Mason Nichols, Brian Westra, Sarah J. Wright

Part 2. Data Information Literacy Case Studies. 4. Developing a for-Credit Course to Teach Data Information Literacy Skills: A Case Study in Natural Resources Sarah J. Wright, Camille Andrews. 5. Addressing Software Code as Data: An Embedded Librarian Approach Jake Carlson, Megan Sapp Nelson. 6. Teaching Data Information Literacy Skills in a Library Workshop Setting: A Case Study in Agricultural and Biological Engineering Marianne Bracke, Michael Fosmire. 7. Teaching Civil Engineering Data Information Literacy Skills: An E-Learning Approach Lisa R. Johnston, Jon Jeffryes. 8. Teaching Ecology Data Information Literacy Skills to Graduate Students: A Discussion-Based Approach Brian Westra, Dean Walton

Part 3: Moving Forward. 9. Developing Data Information Literacy Programs: A Guide for Academic Librarians Sarah J. Wright, Jake Carlson, Jon Jeffryes, Camille Andrews, Marianne Bracke, Michael Fosmire, Lisa R. Johnston, Megan Sapp Nelson, Dean Walton, Brian Westra 10. Where Do We Go From Here?: Further Developing the Data Information Literacy Competencies Megan Sapp Nelson. 11. Future Directions for Data Information Literacy: Growing Programs and Communities of Practice Jake Carlson.

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