Economic policies in emerging-market economies : festschrift in honor of Vittorio Corbo

Santiago de Chile : Central Bank of Chile/Banco Central de Chile, 2015.
Descripción: 404 páginas : diagramas ; 24 cm.

ISBN: 9789567421480

Economic Policies in Emerging-Market Economies: an overview Ricardo J. Caballero, Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Laudatio of Vittorio Corbo Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Implications of Rapidly growing emerging markets of the World Economy Anne O. Krueger

The war of Ideas in Economic Development: A historical perspective Sebastián Edwards

A caricature (Model) of the World Economy Ricardo J. Caballero

The Liquidity approach to Bubbles, Crises, jobless recoveries and Involuntary unemployment Guillermo Calvo

Financial reforms an Caplital flows: Insights from general equilibrium Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura

Fiscal policy, debt crises and Economic growth William Easterly

Why do Countries have Fiscal Rules? Ibrahim Elbadawi, Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, Raimundo Soto

Exchange Rate, Structural fiscal balance, and Copper Prece: a Puzzle Patricio Rojas, Félix Berrí­os

Endogenous Exchange-Rate Pass-Through and Self-Validating Exchange rate regimes Giancarlo Corsetti and Paolo Pesenti

Monetary policy in Chile: Institutions, Objectives, and Instruments Francisco Rosende and Matí­as Tapia

Too Poor to Grow Humberto López and Luis Servén

Local Impacts of Trade Liberalization: Evidence from the Chilean Agricultural Sector José I. Cuesta, Francisco A. Gallego, Felipe A. González.

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