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Data visualization : a guide to visual storytelling for libraries

Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.
Descripción: xiii, 214 páginas, 20 páginas sin numerar de gráficos : ilustraciones ; 24 x 16 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9781442271104

1. Sculpting Data for a Successful Visualization Eric Phetteplace

2. Designing Public Visualizations of Library Data Angela M. Zoss

3. Tools and Technologies Godmar Back and Annette Bailey

4. Using Google Tools to Create Public Analytics Visualizations Lauren Magnuson

5. Minding the Gap Roger S. Taylor and Emily Mitchell

6. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Book: OBILLSK, Data Visualization, and Interlibrary Loan Ryan Litsey, Kenny Ketner, and Scott Luker

7. Visualizing the Topical Coverage of an Institutional Repository with VOSviewer David E. Polley

8. Visualizing Archival Content and Context for Digital Collections Stephen Kutay

9. Using R and ggvis to Create Interactive Graphics for Exploratory Data analysis Tim Dennis

10. Integrating Data and Spatial Literacy into Library Instruction Clarissa Jefferson

11. Using Infographics to Teach Data Literacy Caitlin A. Bagley.

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