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The crisis of multiculturalism in Latin America

Descripción: xxvii, 230 páginas ; 22 x 16 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9781137509574

1. Introduction David Lehmann

Multiculturalism as a juridical weapon: the use and abuse of the concept of 'Pueblo Originario' in agrarian conflicts in Michoacán, Mexico Luis Vázquez León

Paradoxes of multiculturalism in Bolivia Andrew Canessa

The ethnicization of agrarian conflicts: an Argentine case Maité Boullosa-Joly

Inventing rights of our own: women transcending the opposition between the indigenous and the universal Manuela Lavinas Picq

The demand for recognition and access to citizenship: ethnic labeling and territorial restructuring in Brazil Véronique Boyer

The politics of naming: affirmative action in Brazilian higher education David Lehmann.

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