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Environmental policy

New York : Routledge, 2011.
Descripción: xii, 258 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 x 16 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9780415497855

Evidence of climate change, resource shortages and biodiversity loss is growing in significance year by year. This second edition of Environmental Policy explains how policy can respond and bring about greater sustainability in individual lifestyles, corporate strategies, national policies and international relations. The book discusses the interaction between environmental and human systems, proposing environmental policy as a way to steer human systems to function within environmental constraints. The second edition has been completely updated to reflect advances in scholarship (for example developments in governance theory) and the increasing primacy of climate policy within environmental policy as a whole. Key political, social and economic concepts are used to explain how effective environmental policies can be designed, implemented and evaluated. Environmental problems, the role of human beings in creating them and sustainable development are all introduced. Environmental policy formulation, implementation and evaluation are discussed within three specific contexts: the firm, the nation state and at an international level. The book reviews the relationship of economics, science and technology to environmental policy. It ends by reflecting upon the predicament of humankind in the twenty-first century and the potential of achieve sustainability through the use of the environmental policy "toolbox". Environmental Policy is an accessible text with a multi-disciplinary perspective. Lively case studies drawn from a range of international examples, and completely updated for this second edition, illustrate issues such as climate change, international trade, tourism and human rights. It includes chapter summaries, suggestions for further reading and links to relevant web resources.

Chapter 1. So, what's the problem?

Chapter 2. The roots of environmental problems

Chapter 3. Sustainable development and the goals of environmental policy

Chapter 4. Science and technology: policies and paradoxes

Chapter 5. Environmental policy making in organisations

Chapter 6. Environmental policy making in government

Chapter 7. International environmental policy

Chapter 8. Environmental economics

Chapter 9. Conclusion: making policy for the planet.

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