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Party and procedure in the United States Congress

Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, 2017.
Descripción: viii, 349 páginas : gráficos ; 24 x 16 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9781442258723

1. Navigating Congress in the Age of Partisanship Jacob R. Straus and Matthew E. Glassman

2. Drafting the Law: Players, Power, and Processes Scott Levy

3. Keeping the Team Together: Explaining Party Discipline and Dissent in the U.S. Congress Matthew Green and Briana Bee

4. The motion to Recommit in the U.S. House Jennifer Hayes Clark

5. Evolution of the Reconciliation Process, 1980-2015 James V. Saturno

6. Post-Committee Adjustment in the Contemporary House: The Use of Rules Committee Prints Mark J. Oleszek

7. Longitudinal Analysis of One-Minute Speeches in the House of Representatives Colleen J. Shogan and Matthew E. Glassman

8. A God Leader Never Blames His Tools: The Evolving Majority-Party Toolkit in the U.S. Senate Aaron S. King, Frank J. Orlando, and David W. Rohde

9. The Electoral Politics of Procedural Votes in the U.S. Senate Joel Sievert

10. Partisanship, Filibustering, and Reform in the Senate Gregory Koger

11. Irregular Order: Examining the Changing Congressional Amending Process Michael S. Lynch, Anthony J. Madonna, and Rachel Surminsky

12. From Base Closings to the Budget: Exceptions to the Filibuster in the U.S. Senate Molly E. Reynolds

13. Intraparty Caucus Formation in the U.S. Congress James Wallner

14. Gender and Party Politics in a Polarized Era Michele L. Swers

15. The Government Shutdown of 2013: A Perspective Walter J. Oleszek.

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