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Research for the public good : applying the methods of translational research to improve human health and well-being

Washigton, DC : American Pshychological Association, 2012.
Descripción: xv, 212 páginas : ilustraciones ; 26 x 19 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9781433811685

Translational research links scientific findings with programs and policies that improve human health and well-being. It includes research that evaluates interventions or policies for efficacy and effectiveness, as well as research that applies field experience to future development of basic theory and its applications. Although translational research has traditionally emphasized biomedical studies with one type of application (i.e., individual-level intervention to treat disease), the concept has expanded to include various sciences and many types of applications. Social and behavioral sciences now often contribute to public- and individual-level interventions that promote education, disease prevention, health care delivery, health care access, and more. This broader, more inclusive approach to translational research has gained popularity and been promoted by the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, medical centers, and university programs. This book demonstrates how emerging methods of translational research can be applied to important topics of interest to social and behavioral scientists. Accessible models and real-world case studies are provided to help bridge the gaps among research, policy, and practice.

Introduction: Translational Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Elaine Wethington, Helena Herman, and Karl Pillemer

Chapter 1. Translation in the Social and Behavioral Sciences: Looking Back and Looking Forward V. Jeffery Evans

Chapter 2. If Translational Research is the Answer, What's the Question? Who Gets to Ask It? Abraham H. Wandersman and Catherine A. Lesesne

Chapter 3. Opportunities for and Challenges of Translating Educational and Developmental Research Into Policy and Intervention Robert Crosnoe

Chapter 4. A Systematic Review of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Adaptations: How Are Programs Adapted? Ludmila N. Krivitsky, Samantha J. Parker, Anusmiriti Pal, Leigh Meckler, Rouzi Shengelia, and M. Carrington Reid

Chapter 5. Pursuing and Sharing Knowledge to Inform Practice and Policy: The Value of Qualitative Research in Translational Research Jean M. Ispa

Chapter 6. Translational Research on Work and Family: Daily Stress Processes in Hotel Employees and Their Families David M. Almeida, Kelly D. Davis, John W. O'Neill, and Ann C. Crouter

Chapter 7. The Science of Law and Memory Eric Zember, Charles J. Brainerd, Valerie F. Reyna, and Kimberly A. Kopko

Chapter 8. Community-Researcher Partnerships in Aging: The Cornell Institute for Translational Research on Aging Elaine Wethington, Karl Pillemer, and Rhoda Meador

Afterword Rachel E. Dunifon and Elaine Wethington.

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