Democracy with(out) nations? : old and new foundations for political communities in a changing world

Bilbao : Servicio Editorial de la Universidad del Paí­s Vasco, 2011.
Descripción: 241 páginas ; 24 x 17 x 2 cm.

ISBN: 9788498605822

With a truly cross-disciplinary approach, this collective work examines some of the most critical challenges shaping contemporary transformations of democracy. In contrast to one-dimensional discussions prevalent in academic literature, which tend to concentrate almost exclusively on certain specific problems such as the crisis of representation, the importance of democratic deliberation, the promises of participative democracy or the implications of new technologies in democratic life, this volume discusses a wider variety of concerns. The contributors, who come from diverse fields including comparative constitutional law, political theory, international law, political geograhpy and international relations, offer an unusual blend of heterogeneous arguments, all of which nonetheless are equally relevant for a better understanding of the current challenges of democratic politics. This book is the result of a cooperation between the University of the Bassque Country and the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development (CCSDD), co-founded by the Faculty of Law of the University of Bologna and the Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Center. It has been published thanks to the generous support of the George Lawrence Abernethy Endowment.

Introduction : Democracy, Nations and other foundations for political commnunities Justin O. Frosini, Noé Cornago & Igor Filibi

Chapter 1. Models of Political Community : The Nation-State and other stories Xavier Márquez

Chapter 2. Constituent Power and Democratic Constitution - Making Process in the Global Era Kostas Chryssogonos and Kostas Stratilatis

Chapter 3. Changing Notions of Democracy : A comparative analysis of constitutional Preambles Justin O Frosini

Chapter 4. On the Feasibility of Plurinational Democracies : The Problem of the Demos Geneviéve Nootens

Chapter 5. Democracy an Territoriality : Ethno-National Conflict and the Necessity of Trespass James Anderson

Chapter 6. Margins of Democracy : From Dissidents to Civil Society Activists Simon Tordjman

Chapter 7. On Imperial Relations and the Mission of Democracy David Slater

Chapter 8. Transnational Private Authorities and the Erosion of Democracy Josep Ibáñez

Chapter 9. Politics and Culture : The Risks of Democracy Danilo Zolo.

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