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Judicial training in Latin America : study on the practices of the Judicial Colleges

Santiago de Chile : Justice Study Center of the Americas, 2017.
Descripción: 176 páginas : ilustraciones ; 23 x 15 x 1 cm.

ISBN: 9789568491338

Stages of the development of judicial training in Latin America. Initial clarification: training as part of the judicial system. Description of traditional training: Knowing the lawi. Delivery of regulatory information or doctrine. Disconnection with processes of change. New demands on judicial teaching: Acquiring skills and abilities. Expansion of civil and criminal justice reforms. The impact of developments and innovations in pedagogy. The current situation: Towards the professionalization of judicial education

Background information, goals and methodology of the study. European Commission Study on Judicial Training. JSCA study objectives. Conceptual framework: definition of promising and good practices. The studys "reactive" methodology

Results: analysis and observations. The identification of training needs. Evaluation of training programs and participants.Evaluation of training programs. Performance assessment. Design of innovative curricula. The development of innovative training methodologies. Use of electronic platforms. Fully interactive e-learning programs. Training the trainers. Miscellaneous practices. The use of international links in training

General conclusions and recommendations. Transfer of Good and Promising Practices. Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and Program Evaluation. Need for judicial training to engage directly with society. Participative Training. Training in Judicial Skills and Judgecraft. New Training Methodologies. Value of Cross-border Training. Creation of Clearinghouse.

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