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The Palgrave handbook of decentralisation in Europe

Cham, Suiza : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
Descripción: xix, 512 páginas : gráficos, tablas ; 24 x 16 x 3 cm.

ISBN: 9783319812847

This handbook provides an authoritative study of European decentralisation, taking into account, from a territorial perspective, the different political and administrative traditions in Europe (Continental, Anglo-Saxon and Ex-communist States) and the cleavages North-South and East-West. While in recent decades most European countries have implemented devolution policies trying to tackle different political, social or bureaucratic problems, some others have instead regionalised their territory, applied federal or pseudo-federal reforms and strengthened the role of subnational governments. This volume analyses decentralisation in these countries using different variables including history, territorial organisation, civil service and financing, and reveals how this phenomenon leads to complex intergovernmental linkages. The evolution of territorial decentralisation, the political tensions between centre and periphery, the autonomy of the subnational governments and their functions and competences, the tools of co-ordination and co-operation, and the features and role of civil service are the main issues studied here with an interdisciplinary approach.

1. The Process of Decentralisation in Europe Robert Savy, Héláne Pauliat, and Michel Senimon

2. Birds of the Same Feather: Federalism and Decentralisation in Germany Dominic Heinz

3. Federalism and Decentralisation in Belgium Jean-Franí§ois Husson, Céline Mahieu, and Caroline Sagesser

4. Functional Federalism in a Complex State: The Case of Spain José M. Ruano

5. Constitutional Reform and Territorial Organisation in Italy Giuseppe Bettoni

6. Fragmentation and Central Control: Competing Forces in a Disunited Kingdom June Burnham

7. Decentralisation in France: A Principle in Permanent Evolution Agnás Sauviat

8. The Irish Case: Decentralisation-Lite? Brí­d Quinn

9. Decentralisation in the Netherlands: Decision Making Close to the People or Efficient Organisation of the State? L. J. Zwaan

10. Extensive Decentralisation - but in the Shadow of Hierarchy Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud and Signy Irene Vabo

11. Combining Centralization and Decentralization in Danish Public Administration Sevasti Chatzopoulou and Birgitte Poulsen

12. From Centralism to Decentralization and Back to Recentralization due to the Economic Crisis: Findings and Lessons Learnt from the Greek Experience Stella Sofia Kyvelou and Nektaria Marava

13. Rebirth of Local Government in Poland: 25 Years of Decentralization Reform Marcin Sakowicz

14. The Decentralization Process in Romania Constantin Marius Profiroiu, Alina Georgiana Profiroiu, and Septimiu Rares Szabo

15. Decentralization and Local Governance in Lithuania Eglé Stonkuté and Eglé Gaule

16. The Swinging Pendulum of Decentralization in Hungary István Temesi

17. Decentralization as an Essential Element of Public Administration Reform in Slovakia Jana Marasova and Maria Horehajova

18. Conclusions: Intergovernmental Networks and Decentralisation in Europe Juan M. Ruano and Marius Profiroiu.

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