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The Hague Court reports : comprising the awards, accompanied by syllabi ...

New York : Oxford University Press, 1961.
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Arbitrations before the Hague tribunals

The venezuelan preferential case (Germany, Great Britain and Italy vs. Venezuela et al.)

The japanese house tax case (France, Germany and Great Britain vs. Japan)

The muscat dhows case (France vs. Great Britain)

The Casablanca case (France vs. Germany)

The Grisbadarna case (Norway vs. Sweden)

The north atlantic coast fisheries case (Great Britain vs. United States)

The Orinoco Steamship Company case (United States vs. Venezuela)

The Savarkar case (France vs. Great Britain)

The Canevaro case (Italy vs. Peru)

The russian indemnity case (Russia vs. Turkey)

The Carthage case (France vs. Italy)

The manouba case (France vs. Italy)

The Island of Timor case (Netherlands vs. Portugal)

Reports of the Hague Commissions of inquiry

Tabular statement of awards and reports.

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