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Latin American studies into the twenty-first century : new focus, new formats, new challenges

San Diego, California : University of New Mexico, 1993.
Descripción: xii, 467 páginas

ISBN: 091761738X

A new order in the Old World : the impact of recent events on Latina America

The contemporary Peruvian crisis

Man and environment : a battle for survival in Latin America

450 years of publishing in the Americas : what lies ahead?

Liberty and justice for all : human rights and democratization in Latin America

Challenge 500 : focus on membership

The conspectus ten years on : achievements and future prospects

Latin American studies, information resources, and library collections : whiter and how?

Analyzing Latin American library materials price indexes

Librarianship and library collections in Brazil

The ABCs of preservation microform masters : accessand bibliographic control

The bookdealer connection : access to information

Notes from round tables.

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