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Artistic representation of Latin American diversity : sources and collections

Charlottesville, Va. : University of New Mexico, 1993.
Descripción: xviii, 518 páginas : ilustraciones

ISBN: 0917617320

El papel del gobierno mexicano en apoyo del desarrollo cultural Ana Marí­a Magaloni

El arte popular chileno Marta Domí­nguez Dí­az

Art and the State in post-revolucionary México and Cuba Peter A. Stern

The broken mirror: Argentine art in the 1980s Marta Garsd

Haitian art in the twentieth century Gerald Alexis Fils

Argentine architect Julián Garcí­a Núñez, 1875-1944 Margarita Jerabek Wuellner

A computer search on Latin American archtecture: results and implications Margarita Jerabek Wuellner with technical assistance of Jack S. Robertson

Visual images of urban colombian women, 1800 to 1930 Patricia Londoño

Images from Inca lands: an index of photographic slides from the OAS Nelly S. Gonzalez

Access to photograph collection Stella M. de Sá Ríªgo

A bibliography on photography Marha Davidson

Use and reproduction of photographs: copyrights issues David L. Levy

Configuring women : the discourse of empowerment in Latin American cinema Bárbara Morris

Values and aesthetics in Cuban arts and cinema Oscar E. Quirós

Videos and films shown at the conference Rhonda L. Neugebauer

A colonizaí§í£o italiana no sul do Brasil em "posters" Sonia T. Dias Goní§alvez da Silva

Posters and the sandinista revolution Fred G. Morgner

Latin American posters at the Hoover Institution : the lexicons of state and society William Ratliff and George Esenwein

Andean textiles : aesthetics, iconography, and political symbolism David Block

A core bibliography of Andean weaving David Block

Latin american government documents on the arts : introductory guide Beverly Joy-Karno

El arte pictórico en la bibliografí­a boliviana Werner Guttentag Tichauer

Art publishing in the contemporary caribbean Alan Moss

Colombia: ªAtenas suramericana _ o apenas suramericana? J. Noé Herrera C.

Central American Art Publications, 1986-1989 : a brief survey and bibliography Alfonso Vijil

Optical disk possibilities in the distribution of information on Latin American art Jorge I. Bustamante

Art Reference: visual information and sources for Latin America Lee R. Sorensen

Basic reference sources for Latin American dramatic arts Scott J. van Jacob

Investigación sobre arte latinoamericano : acceso a través de material publicado Elsa Barberena B.

From Zarabanda to Salsa : an overview of reference sources on Latin American music Andrew Makuch

Arte chileno : una contribución bibliográfica Marta Domí­nguez Dí­az

Visual resource cataloging at the Getty Center for the history of art and the humanities Brent F. Maddox

Bibliographic control of art materials : the experience of the Universidade de Sí£o Paulo Claudia Negrí£o Balby

The Museum of Modern Art of Latin America : a guide to its resources Marí­a Leyva

Artistic representation of Latin America in german book collections and picture archives Wilhelm Stegmann

Meadows Museum of Spanish Art Book Collection : an overview Thomas P. Gates

Guidelines for collecting documentation on marginalized peoples and ideas in Latin America Peter T. Johnson

Transición polí­tica en Chile : documentación y fuentes Marta Domí­nguez Dí­az

Cracks in the mirror : the Nicaraguan war and human rights in Hondduras Fred G. Morgner

Recent political events in Brazil as reflected in popular poetry pamphleths : literatura de cordel Cavan M. McCarthy.

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