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Utopias and realities of urban sustainable development : new alliances between economy, environment and democracy for small and medium-sized cities : Conference proceedings Turin-Barolo, 19-21 September 1996

Dublin, Ireland : European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 1997.
Descripción: vii, 365 páginas : ilustraciones, diagramas

ISBN: 9282798003

Credibility issue: an introduction by Riccardo Petrella

Welcoming address by Antonello Angeleri

Impressions from Istanbul by Georges Cavallier

Sustainable cities for Europe by Peter Hall

Keynote by Nuno Portas

Fragments of an urban discourse in Europe: utopias and eutopias : a sustainability-friendl ABC by Voula Mega

Building sustainable futures in small and medium-sized cities in Europe by Patsy Healey

Sustainability, sustainable development and the search for the European sustainable city : facing realities by John Celecia

Visions and actions for Freiburg : executive summary by Didier Vancutsem

Visions and actions for Evora : executive summary by João Farinha

Visions and actions for Coïmbra : executive summaryby João Farinha

Visions and actions for Parma : executive summary by Franco Berlanda

Visions and actions for Siena : executive summary by Ferdinando Semboloni

Visions and actions for Toledo : executive summary by Enrique J. Calderón

Visions and actions for Alicante : executive summary by Julia Salom Carrasco and Juan Miguel Albertos Puebla

Visions and actions for Galway : executive summary by Frank Convery and Paula Russell

Visions and actions for Bastia : executive summary by Anne-Michále Donnet

Cittá delle Langhe : territorial consortium for research, planning development and management by Giovanni Papa

The active citizenship as decisive element of the sustainable urban development : the experience of Parthenay by Michel Hervé

Alliances for employment by Katrin Grüber

Economy, ecology and democracy by Thierry Paquot

Alliances for social and cultural integration by Giovanni Morocutti

Alliances for employment by Antonio Masaracchio

Alliances between economy, ecology and democracy by Piero Gastaldo

Alliances for environmentally friendly projects and services : messages from Umea by Inge-Bert Täljedal

A partnership between ADEME and french communities : CITEVIE, concept, procedure, results and follow-ups by Robert Angioletti

Alliances between economy, ecology and democracy : integration or separation? Proposals and analysis on the relations between the three spheres; repercussions for the small and medium-sized cities of Europe by Gerrit Vonkeman

Alliances for social and cultural integration by Mario Lodi

The interest of the european employers in cities by E. Tsamoussopoulos

Sustainable cities toward new alliances for solidarity among the generations and across cities : a report from Barolo by Riccardo Petrella.

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