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Indigenous extinction in Patagonia

[Punta Arenas : Editorial no identificada], 1997.
Descripción: 208 páginas : ilustraciones, mapas, retratos

First contact aborigines-Europeans

Magallanes Territory

The Tehuelches or Patagones

The Yámanas or Yaganes

Tle Alacalufes

The Selkman or Onas

Cases of gradual extinction

In Tierra del Fuego

The salesians

Capture of Onas

Polemic between Monsignor Fagnano and José Menéndez

Continuation of the polemic

Chief Felipe Truth or legend?

Covadonga Ona

Disappearance of the tribe of Chief Mulato

New voyage of Chief Mulato to the capital

ªHow many were the Yámanas or Yaganes?

ªHow many were the Alacalufes or Kawes?

ªHow many were the Onas?

The indian chiefs

Ona indians (Tierra del Fuego)

The Alacalufes

Yamánas or Yaganes


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